Touring Turin (Torino)

I had never been a fan of Nutella, or hazelnuts in general, but after visiting Turin (Torino), I am obsessed with chocolate and hazelnut together. More specifically — gianduia! It’s even fun to say (listen to how it’s pronounced here). Gianduia is a blend of chocolate that requires at least 30% hazelnut paste and it is DELICIOUS. It comes in various forms and is really hard to get in the United States. We have been lucky enough to find some different brands that offer a similar product, but it’s not nearly as good. When we get desperate, we resort to ordering from Venchi. I usually wait until there is a sale, or if you’re lucky, they’ll discount certain products if it’s expiring soon!

Chocolate aside, Turin is a beautiful city. In my opinion, it’s one of those cities that you appreciate even more after you leave. On this trip, we arrived in Turin at the start of our trip and stayed two evenings at an incredible bed and breakfast before taking off for Alba and Asti to explore these nearby cities for a week. When we returned to Turin the following, we stayed in a different part of the city for a few evenings. Although only a 15-minute walk from the previous B&B, we experienced the city in a new light! It was great being able to see different parts of the city that we may have missed out on had we only been able to stay in one area of town for the entirety of our time in Turin.

If you have ever been to Turin, or are able to at some point, take the bus up to Monte dei Cappuccini  for a panoramic view of the city and be sure to walk around Parco del Valentino and enjoy the river views, rock garden, and medieval village.

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