Picturesque Portofino

We took the ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure with the other tourists flocking to Portofino to see what the fuss was about! Never heard of Portofino? Well, it’s the town for the rich and the famous. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker held their wedding reception at Castello Brown, a castle with gardens that is perched up on a hill that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea! Definitely not the reason why we went, but just setting the scene for the clientele this small city with only 500 permanent residents attracts.

Arriving into town, we passed the yachts as we pulled in to the dock. We didn’t have much of a plan, other than lunch reservations at Pescefino, as we strolled around the small promenade, looking for a spot to park ourselves for a spritz. Sitting next to the water, we watched the fish swim beneath the boats as we snacked on chips and olives, drinking our beverages, taking in the scene. It really is quite a pretty place and I am sure it is even lovelier when all of the tourists leave for the day and head back to the other towns they are staying in.

When it was time to head to lunch, we made our way to the restaurant that sat above the promenade, overlooking the water. A truly magnificent set-up of about 5 tables in a grassy area, reminiscent of fancy picnic. We drank pigato, a white wine of the region, feasted on the delicacy that is the red shrimp of Santa Margherita Ligure, ate pasta with fresh seafood, and a serving of grilled octopus with vegetables. The best part is that we were the only ones dining at that time so it was a private picnic with picture-perfect weather. It was so peaceful and such a memorable experience. If you ever find yourself in Portofino, do yourself a favor and book this quaint restaurant ahead of time by emailing them! It was reasonably priced, especially for Portofino prices, and lived up to the 5-star rating that it has on Google.

We were far too full to play tourist after eating, or overeating, so we didn’t adventure around to any of the main attractions other than walk by the shops that were open. I can see why tourists flock to here – it’s a charming seaside town full of breathtaking views.

To visit Portofino, one of the closest airports is in Genoa (check out our Genoa City Guide). From the city, you can drive or take the train to Santa Margherita Ligure. From SML, you will have to transfer and either take the bus or a scenic ferry ride which was a beautiful experience.